Frequently Asked Questions


What is Aunt Dora?

Aunt Dora is made up of members within a community of similar minded individuals who produce, and/or support cottage made goods.

How do I become a member?

Simply sign up, become a member and create your free account! This account will allow open the door to you becoming a buyer, seller or both within the Aunt Dora community!

Why would I buy in the Aunt Dora community?

• customers get a wider choice of products to choose from
• shops are all in the same place making it simple to find
• saves time on browsing aimlessly online
• shoppers can perform one single purchase for all you would like to buy                 rather than having to make several payment transactions

Why would I sell in the Aunt Dora community?

• you get to sell your products without having to createyour own website
• save money on having to advertise and indexing
• you can use the popularity of products from other shops to gain visibility for         your own products

Do I need a merchant account to take payments?

No, we make it super easy so all you need is a PayPal account and you are on your way to becoming a buyer or seller!

Is Aunt Dora secure?

Yes! We have an encrypted SSL site and use PayPal for all our transactions.

How can I get help to set up my shop?

• The education centre offers videos to help you with a variety of questions on           how to set up
• As a member, you are always welcome to email us any questions at:

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