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Who is Aunt Dora?

Aunt Dora was an amazing cook and loved to share her home baked goods with her family, friends and neighbors. Word got around and she became so popular that people started asking her to make extra batches to sell. She put a lot of effort in preparing and creating her goods and people could count on receiving delicious prepared items. We all have an Aunt Dora, a person who is very passionate about their craft and happy to make some extra money!

About auntDora.com

At Aunt Dora, we consider our site where farmer market meets bake sale. Be your own boss, control your time and supply for the demand, while doing something you enjoy and can share. It is a place where small cottage producers share their passions with like minded individuals who value small craft high quality food and drinks produced the old fashion way before big corporations took over and poisoned everyone. We believe the small producer cares about what they produce, not just profits. They care about the ingredient’s, the planet impact, the product and most of all the appreciation of someone who feels their passion.

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